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Bellamarcella Art 


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My name is Marcy LaBella

and I'm an artist living in the northeastern USA. I'm working

hard to create a safe space where people can

return to when they are stressed and want to be creative. I

have been a teaching artist for many years and a working

practicing artist all my life. Over the years I’ve found that

teaching art to others was truly enriching and I love seeing

others blossom and grow in their own creative practice while

finding their own unique way in art. I feel that art truly feeds the soul and

if I can help facilitate someone’s journey in some small way, I can hopefully make a difference. 


I have a lot of new projects I am excited about for 2024. I have a new YouTube channel, I am enjoying creating process videos and learning about editing, it's a work in progress so I'm learning as I go along.  Please use my links to visit my channel and follow my journey there.  I would appreciate it if you would take the time to like and subscribe to my channel as each like and new subscriber is very appreciated as they makes my channel grow.

I have a new Patreon Page where I will be offering memberships and it's also the new home of my blog at the free level. There will also be paid levels where you can help support me as an artist and get access to free digital content and low cost digital content like ebooks, potterns and my live classes.  Please visit soon and join my community.



contemporary art, acrylic painting, mono printing, teaching artists, fine art,



 I have recently updated my Big Cartel Shop so please use the                                               

shop link above or PM me to purchase original works.  You can                                             always reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook as well. I will                                                 now be offering digital downloads for many of my works that                                                  you may print at home in my Patreon Shop for a very low cost!                                                  So please visit there if you are looking for an inexpensive                                                          option to own one of my  art pieces. Coming soon to my Patreon Shop will be short e-books on art processes I have developed over the years as a teaching artist so stay tuned for that! I will be offering free downloads, and ad free videos at all my subscription levels, even for my free blog members.

Artist Statement

I cannot remember a time that I didn’t create art. From my very earliest memories I have used crayon, paint, paper, fabric and any available material to create art and express narrative.  I am a multi-media artist and work in paint, clay and other materials. In paint I combine layers of paint, paper, mediums and drawing materials to create contrasts and luminous subtleties. I refer to the human figure, animals, birds, fauna and natural organic forms. In general, common themes are carried throughout my work in all mediums and working with different materials enables me to keep my creativity open and flowing.

My work is also influenced by my Italian American immigrant background and the work of my grandmothers, who were both fiber artists. The delicate and deeply textural aspect of their lacemaking and fiber work is mirrored in my own work. My work combines this strong sense of historical past with abstracted imagery and the ethereal.


art, contemporary art, artsy, acrylic painting, monoprint, gelli, teaching artist, acrylic, watercolor, ,make art, art not war, make something, creative, makers movement, daily art

Teaching Statement

I am full time teaching artist. I am passionate about art and the process of creativity. My greatest hope is to help others by giving them knowledge, encouragement and the necessary tools they need for success. No matter which medium I am teaching; I always encourage each person to practice and develop new skills while moving towards individual interpretation and deepening creative thinking.

Still Life with Pink Flowers 11"x14" acrylic on cradled panel "sold"
LIfe is Everywhere 11"x14" acrylic on cradled panel
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