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Marcy LaBella studied art at SCSU and works in the mediums of mixed media painting, clay and metals. Her work in all three mediums has been included in regional and nationally juried shows. She is A Council member of The Connecticut Women Artists and a key member of the Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT . She is a Teaching Artist at the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT, and on the faculty at Wesleyan Potters, Middletown, CT and at the Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT She is represented by the Shop at Guilford Art Center. and the Wesleyan Potters Gallery Shop.


Artist Statement

I cannot remember a time that I did not create art. Art is both an outlet and reflection of where I am at that particular moment in time. I consider myself a process driven artist and am most happy when engaged in the act of making art. I began with a strong background in drawing and painting and over a decade ago got deeply involved in working with both clay and metals. Both clay and metal offer the artist immediacy and demand that the artist work with the medium and not against it. In all creative work there is a conversation that opens; entering into this dialog allows me to become a co-collaborator with the material itself. I enjoy exploring the interaction between painting and sculptural mediums. I love using tactile materials, something which has crossed over into my mixed media paintings. Working in different mediums allows me to expand concepts further then the confines of one medium or process.
In my work I explore portraits, the figure, animals, birds and natural and organic forms and their abstractions.


Teaching Statement

I am full time teaching artist. Over the past 10 years I have been deeply engaged in teaching community based art programs for children and adults. I feel that teaching has deepened my own practice and allowed me to grow as an artist in so many amazing ways.  I am passionate about art and the process of creativity. I try to instill this in others by giving them knowledge, encouragement and the necessary tools they need for success. No matter which medium I am teaching; I always encourage each person to practice and develop new skills while moving towards individual interpretation and deepening creative thinking.


instagram  @bellamarcella1212

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