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2023 News and Happenings

New things are beginning at the Earthly Goddess Studio and we have rented extra space. We are intending to have a small gallery shop for local artisan wares and art and an additional small classroom. This will be our jewelry making and glass studio as well as as being available to the rest of the facility as a private classroom for art therapy sessions.

I have been adding lots of animals into my paintings over the last couple of months. Some of these are sold. Please inquire if anything is of interest to you.

We hope to have monthly openings, and trunk shows with acoustic music and things like poetry readings in conjunction with our fine art shows.

We have lots to plan for during the normally dark and cold New England winter. We will be sprucing and decorating with plans to get things ready by early spring which should should make the winter fly by and make things a seem little bit brighter.



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