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Ceramics 2019, News and such #nceca #gac #mixedmedia #poetry #creativity #artist

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

So far 2019 has been a good one and I have been participating in a few shows locally. I had a great day with my New Haven peeps at the gorgeous restored Victorian Mansion in Fair Haven Heights Chetstone - a great day with old friends. I really don't do a lot of live fairs or sales anymore and sell mostly through gallery shops or online these days. It was really nice to be face to face with the buyers in such a lovely location. What I love about doing shows is that I can bring a little of everything I do, ceramics, jewelry, paintings, cards and small mixed media art. Exhausting but loads of fun too....

Close up of my booth at Chetstone Makers Market

This past March the Guilford Art Center did a collaborative event that coincided with their 2019 Faculty show, by inviting the Guilford Poets Guild to come and be inspired by the art to create works in prose and poetry. I was very honored to have been selected and have poetry written about my piece.

This piece, Centering, also won the Sadie Devore Award at the 89th Open National Juried Connecticut Women Artists Show 2018.

Centering 16"x 20" on cradled panel 2018

Quiet Contemplation Dan Goldberg

The girl with the golden hair Stares pensively ahead, With eyes that could penetrate The deepest blue ocean; Hands, gentle and expressive, Lie tender and relaxed, Red lips, mysterious and beguiling, Not quite frowning, not quite smiling.

I dare not disturb Your quiet contemplation; You look too wrapped up in thoughts Profound, distant and deep, Which drift like tumbleweed, Or milkweed tufts upon the wind.

Are you glancing at your lover’s eyes In the eternal longing for human embrace, Your golden hair glistening, As radiant as summer’s sultry sun, Your face so soft, so warm, kind and strong.

I hope you have not had much pain, Nor loneliness, nor sorrow, Nor feel as blue As the flowers that surround you, New worlds await tomorrow.

Here is a link to their page where you can visit and learn more about the guild.

Devoted - Ceramic and Mixed Media on Cradled Board

I was extremely honored to have my piece selected and included in the Biennial Clay 2019 Juried by the esteemed Joshua Greene Executive Director of NCECA (National Council of Education for the Ceramic Arts).

In other news I have been asked to serve as Treasurer for the upcoming year for the Connecticut Women Artists. A 90 year old organization dedicated to women in the arts. It is a great honor and one I look forward to fulfilling.

I can't wait to see what happens in the second half of 2019.



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