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My Painting to be included in an upcoming Anthology

I got an email from a gallery where I loved to show my work that has since closed it's doors. The Golden Thread Gallery was a really cool space that operated on the grounds of a spiritual retreat center. It had interesting shows that blended thoughtful themes, poetry readings and art together in a lovely gallery space.

The organizers Kate Wilson and Tricia Haggerty Wenz have continued their mission as a non-profit arts organizers. One of their projects for this year is an Anthology of the years at The Golden Thread Gallery.

I was notified that one of my pieces "Flowers in her Hair" 16"x20" on Canvas, 2014

was chosen to be included in this book which will come out at some point this year. The anthology will include "a selection of art work from each of the exhibits, artist statements, poetry, writing and an overview of the programming".

I will update this post when I have more information about this project, and when the books are available for purchase.


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