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Social Media Strategies for Artists - Workshop ONZoom


Please join me for a two hour short workshop and learn how to build your following and sell more art on social media.

Do you know which type of Instagram Post type will help you grow your following the fastest? Photo Carousel Reel Story If you don't know, or even know what these are, chances are you are behind in your social media skills.

I am a regular artist just like you and have gone from trying to find the best ways to sell my art and connect with my customers directly without giving away half of my money to galleries and online platforms; to selling directly to the people who want to buy my art.

I no longer use Etsy or similar platforms to sell my art. I sell directly off my Instagram which posts directly to my Facebook account. I grew my following organically to over 10.5K on Instagram using a few strategies that you can also use to grow your following and sell more art online.

I am going to break it down into bite sized bits that you can take away and use immediately. I have kept the price of this workshop low. Seating is limited to give lots of time for Questions and Answers.

Sign up below to join this class ONZoom - you need a basic free Zoom account to take this workshop.



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