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Spring Has Sprung - georgia O'Keeffe at the New Britain, #nbmaa, Guilford Poets Guild

March has been a busy month for me, the start of the juried show season always means I am busy with deadlines. I generally pick out a few shows at the beginning of the year that I want to participate in and start making work as soon as I know which ones I want to do. Usually I try to do several painting shows and at least one or two in ceramics.

Handbuilt, coil, pinch, slab, cone 5, slips, glaze
A Little Bird Told Me

This year I seem to be teaching a lot as my classes at the Senior Center are ongoing, I love my lively group of senior painting and clay students. I also had an awesome adult drawing and painting class at Guilford Art Center Winter Session, the students were so much fun. I pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe how much I love being a teaching artist.

Mono Print, Oil on Paper by my adult student Karen

This March on Thursdays I am teaching a Studio@4 class at the New Britain Museum of American Art in conjunction with the O'Keeffe and beyond about a dream job. Great students and the ability to work in this fabulous museum directly from the exhibit which is to die for. The O'Keeffe work is AMAZING but it is paired with contemporary feminist art that is complementary and in some cases influenced by her work or done in a similar ground breaking way. It is a great exhibit so if you are anywhere in driving distance get there if you can.

I actually found a security guard who was a photographer - what are the odds?

Recently Guilford Art Center invited the Guilford Poetry Guild to our Faculty Exhibit and asked them to select works and write poetry about them. My piece Centering was selected by two different poets! I was very honored and am so thankful to Mr. Dan Goldberg for his lovely poem after my painting Centering 2018. You can see a sampling of the art and poems here :

Centering 16" x 20" Mixed Media Cradled Panel 2018

That's all the news that's fit to print!

Peace and Namaste


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