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Studio News and Recently Published Articles

My piece “Her Yellow Dress“ was included in the 2021 Faber Birren Color Show at the Stamford Art Association. This is a National Juried show that has been presented since 1980. I was very honored to be included In this years event.

We have continued to grow at Earthly Goddess Studio and are busier than ever teaching several classes per week in clay, painting and drawing. Our Creative Crafting nights have become quite popular with a regular growing following. We have added a growing number of classes for children and classes in adaptive arts have been added to our calendar. We are excited to be expanding and are considering a re-branding - with a new name to be announced very soon. We realize that there are other studios with the same name and decided to go with something more community oriented. BIg reveal coming right up...

We continue to stay with our mission of Art to Nurture Your Soul, with limited classes, and individualized attention for all of our students and want to build a nurturing supportive community for creative learning.

Kids coil hearts

I have been doing more writing as I really enjoy the process and love using my brain in this differently creative way. I have been submitting some articles to the Natural Awakenings magazine, a local publication which is a long standing holistic pulp mag that is published monthly. Gail Heard has been doing our local edition for some time and has been kind enough to publish two of my recent articles along with several pieces of my artwork.

Here are the "tear sheets" from the September 2021 edition. You can read the full article here.

In October 2021 I wrote an article for Natural Awakenings about living intentionally by consciously releasing the things that no longer served our greater good to make more space for the things most important in our lives. The article is titled Simple Life Simply Joyful.

I will be listing Holiday sale dates and winter class schedules soon.

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